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Welcome to another addition of our newsletter. We strive to make visiting our site time well spent. In that vein, we have added a "links" area that connects you to the local Maine Chapter ASHRAE, the National ASHRAE, ARI, AMCA, BOCA, UL and others. Check it out if you need some information.

HVAC Products is please to announce that we have begun representation of the York International "applied equipment". We have started to speak with people about the product line and the response has been favorable. We have found that York comes to the market not from a marketing point of view, but rather from an engineered equipment point of view. We look forward to providing local support on the York equipment.

Additionally York has 35 service techs available for field support. York has a service center in Manchester and I am told the guys would rather drive to Caribou than Boston. York also has a Portland based service tech that handles their major existing installations.

The annual ASHRAE meeting is coming up in January in Atlantic City, NJ.  I understand many major vendors will not be attending, including Loren Cook. This is the first time they have not shown in 15 years.  I understand the show is full regardless,  and getting rooms is very difficult at this time. I will be attending,  however I am stuck in a hotel 45 minutes away near Pennsylvania at this time.  Any one attending who would like to organize a Maine contingent for a dinner/night out, please call.

As part of the chain in producing a working HVAC system, we run across many different installations and applications. Over the years, we try to be observant when things don't go as planned and make a mental note for next time. With the thought that one good idea makes something worth reading, we have put together a simple list of 10 things that may help get the job done well.


10.  Avoid the north /east sides of buildings for air intakes.
Reason: Unwanted snow/water penetration

9. Use steel grilles except in high humidity areas.
Reason:  Lower cost, more  rugged.

8. Use stock grille sizes when possible.
Reason:  Can get components quickly at the end of the job.

7. Consider using a snow screen or moisture eliminate louver on intakes.
Reason: Unwanted snow/water penetration.

6. Specify 304 outer wall on boiler stackes "to all parts exposed to the atmosphere".
Reason:  You have to paint it or use 304 above the roof to get The 10 year warranty anyway.

5. Use welded steel wheels on utility sets, not riveted aluminum ones.
Reason:  You get twice the blower for an extra $100.00.

4. Specify TEFC Premium Efficiency motors when using VFD's.
Reason:  It keeps the vendor from finding out the hard way (motor failure) that there were VFD's on the job.

3. Lap louver plenums over the bottom blade & pitch your soldered drain pan to the outside. When using cinventional louvers.
Reason:  Gives you a chance of beating water penetration.

2. Specify equipment with local support.
Reason:  You  don't need a 617 area code, a suit and only come around for the big jobs to be proficient in supporting the product before & after the sale.

1. Deal with honest factories/vendors/people.
Reason:  They will be there for you.

As the chief coat checker and accountant for our Maine ASHRAE Chapter, I have been asked to provide meeting attendance & topic records from  people attending the monthly meetings.  I will attempt to post these on our website for interested persons to download.  I understand that people need this information to maintain their professional engineers license.  If this becomes too difficult for me, I will provide it on an individual basis. I will try and have a hard copy at the upcoming December 10th meeting in South Portland.

Our featured job this month is a bit different.  CLICK HERE to check out some pictures from a large ceiling radiant perimeter heating job.

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