Loren Cook is known for making the same style fans as others out there for the same price but with features that have value to the end user. These features range from regreasable cast housed bearings in a typical domed aluminum roof fan, to cataloging the standard metal gauges used on blowers, to providing lifting lugs integral on hard to grab roof fans to a powder coat paint as a standard finish. I could go on, but I won’t for fear of boring you.

I attended a meeting this spring at the factory that showcased some of their new products. For anyone who has seen their product up close on a job site or at a national ASHRAE show, I can tell you these new fans are more of a work of art than their older designs.

The new mixed flow fan, called the QMX, is the most amazing fan in my opinion. It was designed, as are all their new designs, on an incredible computer modeling system that allows them to know all aspects of the performance before they build a mock up in steel. This is the same program that major airplane manufacturers use to design wings. Cook has been using it for quite some time now as they go through their existing fan designs to find ways to improve them and come up with new designs.

Those of you have been to the factory know that getting a fan in production exactly as it is drawn on a computer is quite a trick, particularly with blades that look like those on the QMX. One of the difficulties is forming the steel and predicting the spring back after bending the metal to match the computer model. So there is still an art to manufacturing. If you have any noise critical or horsepower critical fan applications, consider the new AMCA certified in air and sound QMX fan. It is the most efficient and quietest inline fan on the market, and it is AMCA certified in sound. I can get performance printouts for you now. It will be on the next release of the Loren Cook fan selection software for you.

The next most impressive fan I saw at the conference is the new high pressure prop fan model XHWH. It has similar features of the new QMX fan extended out to a prop style blade. It can handle static pressure previously obtained only with cast aluminum prop style blades. We expect the cast aluminum bladed fans to fall by the way side in the heavy duty/high pressure prop market due to the cost savings found with the XHWH design.

The other new products found in the attached new product guide are also interesting and fill a needed void in the fan world. Briefly these products are:

  • - direct drive U.L. Listed low cost kitchen exhaust fan

  • - direct drive U.L. Listed low cost smoke control fan

  • - curb mount U.L. Listed high pressure kitchen exhaust blower

  • - high velocity fume exhaust fan system

  • - heat recovery with integral hot water/dx/chilled water coils

  • - low cost supply/exhaust or reversible prop fan

  • - belt tensioner

As you can see from the above list, Loren Cook is continuing to address both the low end of the fan world with cost conscious designs, in addition to the high end. We hope you take a minute to scan the attached brief descriptions to see what is available that is not yet on your selection disks or in your catalog.








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