Hello again from the world of HVAC Products Inc.

We have had some interesting projects to work on recently, added some new product lines and had quite a bit of practice quoting jobs this spring & summer. Unfortunately, we do not get paid to quote jobs.

The first ASHRAE meeting of the season was held Monday, 9-23-02. We had a nice turn out of 22 people. The topic of discussion was fire dampers and the new UL ratings. My take on the new ratings is to use standard static fire dampers unless you have a dynamic smoke management system or think that there will significant time between the fan shut down and a drop off in duct airflow. If so, use a center-pivoted combination fire/smoke damper with an actuator.

The chapter could really use some more help putting this on each month. Many hands makes light work. We may have to call some of you out of ASHRAE retirement as the group is being run by just 3 people at the moment. We need a President Elect and a Vice President. Anyone wanting to make a grab for power would be welcome.

On the product front, we have added a well respected custom air handler manufacturer to our product offerings, Scott Springfield Manufacturing. They manufacture in Canada and ship all over North America. They offer an AutoCad design tool to layout custom ahu’s at your desk. You can check out their offerings at www.scottspringfield.com. Please call us for a competitive quote or design information on any jobs you have upcoming.

Another manufacturer we have added recently has been Embassy Industries. They manufacture a number of water-based heating products that we have not had a source for previously. Embassy manufacturers: light commercial baseboard fin tube, toe space heaters; architectural panel radiators and a small offering of commercial fin tube enclosures.

We have seen over the years a number of jobs where the standard heavy duty fin tube products are not what the designer/owner requires. Many nursing homes seem to use this light commercial style product. Embassy Industries has offerings with 9 inch high 18 gauge cover that produces up to 800 btu’s at 180 degree AWT, and 7 ˝” high product in 22 gauge that puts out up to 600 btu’s/ foot at 180 degree AWT. Unlike some of the other light commercial baseboard products out there, Embassy has a few different elements that they can install into their cover.

We hope that our ability to offer a fixed price for a baseboard job combined with a product that is equal to or better than the typical supply house product gives us an opportunity to offer the best value to the contractor/engineer/owner.

The toe space heaters and panel radiator products fill a small niche market that can be difficult to get all at one stop shopping. See the attached copies of some of their spec sheets or link over to their web site at www.embassyind.com.

Our featured job/product focuses on some interesting new fan products by our flagship product line – Loren Cook. If you think all fans have been invented and perfected, read on for some new ideas.


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