This months featured job is the new Hinkley Jet Boat facility in Trenton.  On this project we supplied the Cook exhaust fans and three Powrmatic make up air units.  Powrmatic makes industrial air rotation units; direct & indirect fired make up air units and oil fired unit heaters/duct furnaces.  I have a 20-year-old oil fired unit heater here at our beautiful office that works like a charm while being dutifully neglected.  Additionally we have many air rotation units heating large open spaces throughout Maine.

On the Hinkley Jet boat job we have two units that are large 23,000 cfm 15 hp 2,000 mbh direct fired outdoor pad mounted units, model GA-222.  They had variable frequency drives field mounted.  These are used for make up air in the FRP building and the “T44” building, which is their name for the 44-foot jet boat.

The units were furnished with motorized dampers, freeze stats, duct stats, filter banks, rain hood with bird screens, fully factory prewired with starters and a low airflow switch.  The low airflow switch is to prevent firing if the VFD has turned down the cfm too low via other signals.  The units were pad mounted outside to save floor space and not increase/change roof truss requirements.  This was important, as the job was extremely fast track.

All the Powrmatic units are factory fired and tested.  This was important as it gave us confidence that the units would work right away once powered and piped, which is exactly what happened. 

The third unit was indirect fired ceiling hung for paint booth make up air.  It was a model MA-125 handling 17,500 cfm with a 10 hp motor.  This was the preferred method of make up air for the paint area due to concerns about the flue gases mixing with the paint area.

As an indirect result of working on this job, I used the chance to make a “field visit” to the jobsite to check things out.  This was really an excuse to see the boats and the boat building process.  My offer to trade some heating equipment for a 44 foot boat was quickly rejected.  They replied I couldn’t even get a ride for that much money.

Click on the files at the bottom of the page to view the following pictures:

Boat control panel; mua unit remote panel; gas train; 24 foot boat (note our Vulcan fin tube in the background); outdoor mua unit; transom of a boat/jet drive.

Enjoy the pictures.  Thanks for reading our newsletter.  Sincerely.  Ed Rowe

transom of a boat/jet drive

Boat control panel

24 foot boat (note our Vulcan fin tube in the background)

outdoor mua unit

gas train

mua unit remote panel

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