One of the more unusual products we handle is hot water "radiant ceiling" heating panels.  Our manufacturer, SUN-EL  uses an extruded aluminum panels with a nice "fluted" face to it.  We think this provides a more architectural look than some other products out there that are just a flat metal pan.

Our panels are made typically in 6" wide sections which are assembled into wider sections. One this job the panels were 18" or 24" wide.  They come piped and insulated..  You can check out the factories web site at www.sun-el.com.

Typically this counter-intuitive type of heating is used when either you can't, or don't want to use a conventional perimeter base board heating system.   Some good applications are bathrooms and hallways where you don't want something on the wall.

The panels can ship quite long in a single section, limiting joints.  The feed back I received was  that it became difficult to lift into place any panel over 8 feet in length.  At joints you can go with a ceiling tee cross member, or try align the panels and achieve a hair line joint.  We found that the hair line joints are difficult to achieve in the real world.

The panels put out about 220 btu's per square foot.  So a 24 x 24 panel in a bath room puts out about 880 btu's.  This is the size that was installed in interior bathrooms on this job.  In the perimeter hallways and patient rooms, panels ran continuous  wall to wall around the entire building.

The job is about to start up it first full heating season.  I will give  you feed back about how it works.  Click on the pictures to the right to get them to full size for your review.

Have a good holiday season if I don't see you before then.  Regards.

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