AMPCO, which stands for American Metal Products, is a leader in the pressurized stack, grease duct and B-Vent industry. AMPCO is owned by a building products conglomerate called MASCO, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

We have been representing AMPCO for over 10 years with excellent results. In that time, we have completed some of the largest and most interesting projects in the state.

Back in 1994, we supplied the stack for the new G.E. Turbine facility in Bangor. This stack is 24 inch I.D. and 75 feet overall in height. It handles 3 large boilers with capability for a 4th in the future.

Some other large-scale projects we have completed include the Portland Civic Center, multi-story Maine College of Art project, Poland Spring's new facility and most recently the South Portland Elder Care Facility, here in South Portland.

The Elder Care installation is 8 stories plus a mechanical penthouse and then 10 feet above the penthouse. In the mechanical room, 2 boilers are joined by a WYE into a common riser. The stack is supported by a single support plate above the 90 Tee and guided at each floor above. See the attached photos.

AMPCO offers draft calculations and CAD drawings to help in sizing and laying out installations. Some engineers are requiring draft calculations with submittals to verify the stack size. We think this is a good idea and can help catch a potential problem early on.

AMPCO's method of joining pipe sections is with a flange captured with a split V-band. This flanged joint is the only way to build Positive Pressure Stack. There are some manufacturers out there that actually have joints that are slip fit. Screwed and caulked, and call it "Positive Pressure Stack" This is illegitimate.

AMPCO is one of the only 3 manufacturers that have taken and passed the U.L. Positive Pressure test. U.I. formally adopted a pressure test revision in 1996 to the U.L. 103 chimney standard. Look for wording on the label or in the literature that says "SUITABLE FOR POSITIVE PRESSURE". Why mess with non-tested products when you can get tested products for the same price.

Stick with flanged joints, factory draft calcs and U.L. pressure tested products and be assured that you have a proper installation.


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